Play this “Katakana-Karuta” with your children who have just begun learning Katakana the Japanese cursive syllabary.

    Here is the Japanese karuta, using 46 Katakanas with illustrations that are familiar with you.

    How to play this app
    Listen to the words in Japanese, especially the last hiragana sound. Then find and touch the card that you’ve listened to.
    Each of the card shows Katakana clearly so that you can find it easily.
    The Japanese words you hear are about something familiar with you, and the cards you touch describe their illustrations.
    The hiragana is read randomly. Complete all of the 46 cards as soon as you can.

    This app is for children before entering elementary schools and for those who has just begun learning Japanse. Being able to read hiragana enables you to communicate basically in Japanese, and it must be the basis of learning in Japanese.

    This app lets your children recognize how to read Katakana as well as its shapes, operating and playing it by themselves.
    Try it with your lovely children together.

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