Kids Math N Science




    1. Numbers - 1 to 9
    2. Multiplication Table - 1 to 20.
    3. Symbols - Arithmetic operations
    4. Shapes. - Basic Geometry learning.
    5. Counting Rhymes
    - Five little Monkeys
    - One Two Buckle My shoe
    6. Human Body Parts -
    7. Electronic Gadgets recognition for Kids.
    8. 8 Planets of Solar System -

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    Resolve educational puzzles about different geometric shapes: squares, circles, rectangles, triangles, trapeziums and rhombuses.

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    This is a cool Science learning and practice app for children for learning about Human body parts. This educational app helps child recognise different body parts (like eyes, ears, nose, hands, legs, stomach, etc.), and learn about it. It also helps to understand the function of different sense organs.
    • There are attractive pictures for all the human body parts, separate organ parts pictures & abbreviation is also available that will help the kids to understand.

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