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    Kinetic Browser's review

    Published: 2017-06-22, by .

    Navigate using just one hand and with kinetic commands

    • You can navigate with one hand
    • Can be used with kinetic commands
    • Has complete tutorials
    • A bit difficult to remember the kinetic commands at the beginning

    "The one hand web browser"


    Kinetic browser is a web browser app that is designed to be used with one hand. This is why, if you lost the use of one of your hands, this app can be really helpful for you, because it'd make web browsing much more comfortable and quicker. However, you can also find it useful if you happen to be on a busy bus or train.

    There are two ways to navigate with this app: using the menu or the kinetic commands. On the one hand, the menu is highly intuitive and easy to use. Some of the tasks that the menu can do for you are, for example, moving back and forward, scrolling, seeing all the tabs you opened or opening Favorites and Settings.

    On the other hand, if you prefer it, you can choose to web browse by doing a series of movements with your hand. For example, if you flick the phone away from yourself you will open favorites and, if you tilt it backwards and forwards, you will scroll up and down.


    Kinetic browser is an app that accomplishes its function: being a web browser that can be easily used with one hand and kinetic commands. In addition, the app has good tutorials so, if you have any doubt about its functioning you can solve it easily.


    Although the tutorials are really helpful, you may find it a bit difficult to use the kinetic commands at the beginning. However, it'll be quite simple when you memorize the different movements.


    by Miquel

    Jun 22, 2017


    A web browser app that can be used to navigate the world wide web with one hand using a series of kinetic hand movements.

    Born of necessity: I lost the use of one hand for a while and found it difficult to use my device for web browsing.

    Upon recovery I realised that this was very useful indeed when commuting on a busy train, tram or bus, and indeed for people who as I did, can use only one hand.

    This is the full no ad's version with additional cookie and browsing management.

    IMPORTANT Not to be used whilst driving or operating machinery and make sure you have a firm grasp of your device to avoid dropping it.

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