Klingon Text-To-Speech Engine




    This is a Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine for the Klingon language to be used in conjunction with {boQwI'} or Duolingo.

    To use with Duolingo, use any browser which supports the text selection action and request the desktop site. (Chrome supports this, Firefox does not.)

    *** Note: This is NOT AN APP itself. ***

    A Text-To-Speech engine is a system component that works in conjunction with apps that want to produce spoken output. For an example of an app which can speak Klingon, see {boQwI'}:

    Any app can produce Klingon speech output through this TTS engine by calling Android's TTS API, using a locale with language code "tlh". See this documentation:

    Once again, THIS IS NOT AN APP. If you leave a comment that you "can't open it", you are basically saying that you don't understand what this is.

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