Kyoto Trivia

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    Test your knowledge of Kyoto with this fun app.

    Kyoto Trivia is perfect for:

    ** Travelers who are going to or have visited Kyoto. There are many questions about famous tourist spots, many of which come with beautiful pictures that serve as hints to help you answer them.

    ** Japanophiles. If you know Japan and Japanese history inside and out, answering all of the questions should be a piece of cake, but maybe you'll still learn something new about the Land of the Rising Sun.

    ** Ex-pats, locals, students... everyone! Even if you don't know anything about Kyoto or Japan in general, don't hesitate to download and use this app. If you answered a question incorrectly, it will let you know which answer was the correct one. No time limits, no scores. Just have fun! You'll learn lots about Kyoto and Japan when you're done using it.