Laser gun mod for Minecraft




    Laser gun mod adds laser gun for minecraft that you have not seen before. Laser gun, it's a fast and powerful weapon for minecraft. Laser guns do not exist in the real world, but you can use weapon for mcpe in the world of Pocket Edition.

    Immerse yourself in the world of modern technology with weapon mods for minecraft.
    Laser gun will be equal to its fire analogues on the effectiveness, but weapon looks and works differently.

    Gun mod for mcpe add weapon that can shoot to enemies and buildings at a distance. One shot can destroy any mob.Laser gun for mcpe is the weapon of the future. We advise you to be careful with laser weapon, because every shot will be followed by an explosion. If you are a fan of science fiction, you will really like laser guns!

    Weapon mod contains 4 types of laser weapons. Laser guns are the most powerful, because they shoot powerful laser charges.
    Laser Cannon
    Laser Bazooka
    Laser Sniper
    Laser rail gun

    Important Information for Users:
    To download mcpe mods and mcpe maps, you need Internet connection. To install mods for minecraft you need blocklouncher and an official game pocket edition.

    This is an an unofficial app for game Pocket Edition that are not affiliated in any way with a Mojang AB. All rights reserved according to brand guidelines.

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