Laughing Doggy




    What makes us laugh? We laugh when we are happy. We smile when we eat something very delicious. We laugh when we spend more time with the people we love. And one more!! We burst into laughter when friends around us laugh. So do your dogs.

    Dogs laugh when they have a great time with you but they also feel happy when they listen to other dogs’ laughter. It is like when people are told a funny joke or when presented with other humorous situations.

    Laughter makes us happy. Even in the most difficult of times, a laugh can make you feel much better as it boosts your energy and readies you to smile. Share this experience with your dogs. When laughter is shared, it binds you and your dogs together and increases happiness and intimacy.

    A TV program confirmed the positive effects of this laugh sounds in an experiment of naughty, depressed, and sick dogs, which romped for joy simply upon hearing the recorded laugh.

    Just download the application, install, and touch ‘play’ button. Very simple. Share this happy sound with your dogs.

    This actual laugh is recorded when dogs are having fun with their owners. If it is your first time listening to a dog’s laughter, it sounds much like a pant, ‘hhuh, hhuh.” Do your dogs make this laugh panting sound all the time? Great! That means your dogs are happy when they are with you.

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