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    WE are all shifting into realizing that we write the story of our lives. We are not victims. We know that it is our thoughts that create our reality. As Albert Einstein wrote: “There is two ways to view life: One is that there is no miracles and the other is that EVERY thing that happens to you is a miracle.” We found a way that will give us more wonderful and rich experiences by thinking and feeling that everything is working for our highest good. It’s all about The Law of Attraction! Each issue features articles from dynamic scientists, medical doctors, psychologists, quantum physicists as well as Energy Healers. We bring Law of Attraction Coaches to deliver great articles to give you a new perceptive that will motivate and inspire you to create the life you have always desired!

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    Law of Attraction Magazine is owned and operated by Law of Attraction Radio Network, an internet radio station heard in 135 countries. Our intention is to be your daily source of inspiration and well-being! Let your well-being ripple out to all parts of the world!

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