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    Watch TV like a boss!

    Think about an awesome second screen app that gets all the content of the Internet to presents you the one related to what you watch on TV. Pretty sweet uh? We do think so as well! 


Let us introduce you to Layzapp aka your new TV companion. (applause) 

    By tuning-in on your smartphone or tablet, our second screen app connects itself to the show on your TV and provides you with interesting, fun and original content while you are watching! 


So let’s say you are watching sports and decide to use Layzapp. You'll find all the relevant content such as the scores, stats or the current standings of the league. That’s expected but, you’ll also be able to figure out if the player is single and see how pretty his wife is. No matter what you like to watch, you will find the right content whether you are a sports fan, a sitcom enthusiast or a romantic movie adept. 

    So basically this second screen app is like a box of chocolate; you never know what you’re going to get. Yet, we have a huge variety to satisfy every taste! But, unlike chocolates, you don’t have to hide the ones you like from your friends. At Layzapp, we believe in sharing! 


    Best things about Layzapp; your second screen app: 

    -It’s FREE!; 

    -It’s searching the Internet for you; 

    -You can share stuff with your friends; 

    -You don’t have to invite your friends to level up; 

    -There is no level, no candy and no farm; 

    -100% bio; 

    -You don’t have to open 1000 apps (just this one); 

    -You’ll be even smarter than the moderator while watching sports; 
-Brag about all the cool stuff you learned; 
-Keep yourself updated with the latest news; 
-Live Twitter feed to feel less alone; 
-Find out which actress/actor is single; 
-Keep someone busy if they talk a lot while watching TV; 

    -Log on whenever you want; 
-Not tested on animals; 

    -Like the best chocolate and watches, it’s made in Switzerland. 

    *** We haven’t won an award yet... looking forward to it ... when we’ll have one it will be in this section.*** 


    The app is still pretty new, we appreciate all the feedback we get. Contact us at 

    We want to be your friend; 

    Like us on Facebook -> 

    Follow us on Twitter - > 

    Now available on Phones! 



There’s this big big football competition in Brazil. We invite you to cheer for your team using Layzapp. Be part of the challenge and help us find the football team with the loudest (best) fans! Gather your friends (or make some), take the loudest selfie possible and earn points in order to make your team win the competition. Visit to see the latest (and loudest) selfies in real time, an overall ranking of all the teams and the top 10 of the loudest fans (more points).

    The competition of The Loudest Fans starts on June 12th during the first game of the World Cup 2014. It will last until the event finale (13 July 2014).

    *The Loudest Fans is an independent initiative. We aren’t associated with any sports association. 


    Other awesome updates: 

-Twitter is now in the app; 
-We improved sport related content (especially for the big football thingy); 

    -You can now check into an event (ex. sport event); 
-We include content in English; 
-We added various new content sources; 

    -We cover more channels with audio recognition; 
-The app is now also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian; 

    -We will receive notification for new shows; 
-We made Layzapp Harder, Better, Faster ,Stronger :). 

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