This app to learn crochet, is the most complete guide to learn to knit all kinds of spinning, manual sewing, weaving tutorial for people who love this art.

    With this app make crochet with thread or wool is within reach of anyone who wants to try.
    Much has changed the crochet over the years, but it is easy to learn. All you need is yarn, hook and desire to learn. Hooks come in various sizes, thinner and thicker depending on the thickness of the yarn to be knitted.

    Learn how to make quick and easy crochet with this app. Simple tutorial videos for beginners. You will find patterns for crochet socks, children's booties, handbags, sweaters, ponchos, hats, scarves, blankets for children, flowers ..... etc

    This app is simple and easy to understand, you can learn topics like:

    - Stick
    - Several decreases: Half point
    - Half-point rod
    - Triple stick ... and many others!
    - How to join two strands: 3 options
    - Crochet: Basics
    - How to count the points in a chain
    - Where to chop in the base chain: Options
    - Half point
    - Half point: where to prick the needle
    - Various increases: Half point
    - Increase to one point: Half point
    - Increase of two points
    - Decreases to two points
    - Half round knitted fabric
    - Knit in round with half point 2
    - Half point with crossed throw
    Learning crochet is now much easier. Watch the crochet or crochet tutorial videos and do it yourself. You can share and comment on your experience. Learn with crochet tutorials, create basic crochet dots step by step and discover how to make your designs come true. You are already an expert in crochet ...

    Discover all that can be done with crochet, the creations and ideas of crochet more brilliant, with patterns and Crochet designs that you are looking for, whether you are beginner or expert is the time to learn .... and enjoy knitting crochet.

    Everything you need to know crochet in one app ... and FREE !!!

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