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LebanesePoS (Paid)

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    Please read till the end. This is a [ Point Of Sale and a Cash Register ] application. It's called Lebanese because it's made in Saida city,Lebanon.

    It's VERY IMPORTANT to watch the video on this page. The video is the application tutorial.

    This app is meant for little shops. And I advise you to use a wide screen tablet to run it. And it's preferred that you get an Android device similar to Logitech Revue (Google TV) so you can attach a USB Barcode reader or use your own Tablet camera scan barcodes. You can also use it on Android-x86 which is for desktop computers. You can download it from Using the reader will ease entering the items sold in your shop. You can edit the database in the phone, or you can edit it on your computer using a free tool named sqlitestudio. The database will be generated for the first time on this folder path:


    The table named "items" lists all the items that you want to sell.

    Download sqlitestudio from here:

    Add/Update items to be sold.
    Have a working cash register. The receipt can be attached to an email as a PDF file.
    See your income for a single day of the year.
    Plot a graph of income between any two days .
    Stock Register : Records all procurements that are paid on a later time.

    Stockers List: A List of all people you still have pay you/your little shop. the list contains:
    -Stocker Name.
    -Stocker Email: on click, it will open the email client so you can send an email with a reminder.
    -Stocker Phone: on click, it will ask whether you want to make a phone call with the dealer OR send SMS

    Selling by Installment Plans:
    -Installment Planner : Helps you set deadline dates for each payment and how much each payment amount will be
    -List of Items under installment plans. Selecting an Item should show you the plan and what has not been paid yet.
    -List of people who are buying from you by installment plans. selecting a customer shows you all his plans that still have some parts are not paid.

    If you really don't want to use it as real accounting software, at least it's a good idea to use it as the price directory/guide where you can plant and distribute small tablets all around the shop and use the camera barcode scanner to ask for the price .
    Of course, make one cashier.sqlite3 file and make copies of it to the other tablets on the same file path :

    Features of this PAID version:
    Allows printing the receipt to a printer.
    Gives you more choice whether you want to print the receipt and/or send the receipt by email
    Translation to Arabic (Coming soon in next releases).

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