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    Leo van der Eijk is born in 1992 and lives currently in Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel. He's studying Mechanical Engineering at the TU in Delft. From his born everything was about four wheels, especially cars.

    "On my thirteenth year I started my career in the Ford RST Junior Cup at the Euro Circuit in Valkenswaard. After three seasons and two national titels i progressed on my 17th to the Super 1600 class also in the Rally-Racing. Meanwhile the same time I gained experience on the racetrack by driving a Suzuki Swift in the Formida Swift Cup and in the Dutch Super Car Challenge in the Sport and Supersport classes. Last year I won the talent; KNAF Talent First section in the rally-sport. Now I will be supported by the KNAF (KNAC National Autosport Federation) to grow in the rally-sport to a higher level, World Rally Championships, which has always been my dream."

    In 2014 you can see him at:
    - Vacansoleil Rally Sport Team: Driving with the fast Ford Fiesta R2.
    - Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing: This is a race team from the TU in Delft where Leo will be the driver. The team is about hydrogen and developing every year a beter porduct. Around the 70 students are involved with this porject. It's all about making energy out of hydrogen by an Fule cell,
    - Top sport for life: A charity for people with incurable disease! Leo is involved with this charity and give them a beautiful day,
    - Charity ALS: I'm supporting this terrible disease,

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