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    Let's Fables Reading: is the application of a collection of short stories / fables are presented in more practical.
    can be used as a reference to teach your child or your students about the story / fairy tale to develop their imagination and thinking patterns, because every story diambahkan the moral of the story, so that the children understand what the impact of good works, and what the impact of actions ugly.
    Even those of you who are still children can also directly play this application.

    Many benefits can be plucked from a fairy tale.
    This storytelling activities is one way to strengthen the bond of unity and emotion between parent and child. Storytelling ritual before bed can be a sweet memory that she remembered the child until adulthood.

    storytelling activities can hone language skills of children. In the philosophy of constructivism, storytelling can be seen as a means to develop oral language and literacy skills of children. Storytelling is a social reality through the process of presenting the story, into the minds of the children, which is done through language. Storytelling helps children understand the meaning of the lived reality shared by the community, such as what is an animal, plant, to abstract things like kindness and compassion. Additionally, storytelling can enrich the vocabulary that belongs to the child. Plus, if built, interactive storytelling, the atmosphere could be used to provoke feedback from the children, as they are asked questions about what happened in the fairy tale.

    fairy tales can stimulate a child's imagination, a good fairy tale without books or with the books. For example, when told how clever individual adventure that bad because they steal trap cucumber topped with stuffed scarecrow that had been smeared with glue, or how the Golden Cucumber run around to evade the giant, or the magnificent castles of European-style stories like Snow White is not can be found in our own country, or the story of the Pandavas must face the Kauravas whose numbers are not half-hearted, a hundred! Furthermore, a child's imagination can encourage the growth of the creative process in the child, which can be implemented in activities such as drawing or playing characters in a fairy tale with toy objects. In addition, a fairy tale also to be a means to inculcate moral values ​​in children without patronizing. Through a variety of characters and characterizations that exist in fairy tales, can be embedded values ​​such as honesty, empathy, compassion, mutual help, which can form a positive child's personality. However, by adjusting the child's development of reasoning power, which introduced the characters have a firm stance, representing the good or evil, protagonist or anatagonis. It is the basic foundation children will delve deeper into the world, who apparently also has a gray character

    how the use of this application is also quite easy, when you open the application, you will be directly exposed to the main menu of this application. To display and select the fairy tale you want to read, you just move the left side of the screen. After that you just choose which one you want to read fairy tales.

    Some fairy tales in this application: the hare and crocodile, hare and tortoise, hare and Snails, Crow and Pitcher, Ants and the Grasshopper, and Frog Children, Dogs and Goats, Honey Bear and Bees, Eagle and Crow, Bird ghosts and the Grasshopper, the Council of the Cats, Goats and Pigs, young Crab and His mother, Cats chickens and young mice, cats and chickens, Masha and the Bear, Monkey and Dolphin, Mosquito and Cow, Oak Tree and reed, Farmer and Stork, and we will keep it updated! for you
    Please enjoy this application.

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