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    Published: 2017-07-27, by .

    You type your letter, LetteraSenzaBusta prints it and delivers it to its final destination in Italy

    • Really useful for sending letter to Italy
    • They provide with all the necessary info
    • Intuitive interface
    • It works only for sending letters to Italy

    "Italy's #1 online Post Office"


    If you need to send a letter to Italy, you are going to love LetteraSenzaBusta.

    LetteraSenzaBusta is a useful app that will make sending letters to Italy, from other countries, easier and cheaper than ever before.

    You just have to upload your letter to the app in PDF format or type it in the app's text editor, which provides you with enough tools to create it and personalise it. Then, LetteraSenzaBusta will print your letter, seal it and deliver it to its final destination in Italy. There is also a signature system that will let you sign your letter or registered mail to Italy by pressing with the palm of your fingers on the screen of your smartphone.

    You can choose between different mailing options: priority mail, registered mail (with return receipt if needed) or direct mailing. Each one has different prices and features, however, don't worry, all the information you need is in the app.

    Actually, if you need some extra information, you can contact LetteraSenzaBusta by phone, e-mail, Skype, Facebook o Google+.


    The best thing about this app is that makes sending letters to Italy so easy. In addition, we have to say that the concept of the app is great and they provide you with all the information you need to send a letter.


    It is a shame that LetteraSenzaBusta works just as an Italian online Post Office because it would be great to have this service worldwide.


    by Miquel

    Jul 27, 2017


    LetteraSenzaBusta is Italy's #1 Online Post Office to send registered mail
    to Italy that have probative value of evidence for all purpose of law.

    Unlike traditional italian post office that use the envelopes, LetteraSenzaBusta send only folded self-mailer registered mail to Italy and for the sender it means to prevent and avoid recipient disputes over the content of the letter.

    LetteraSenzaBusta provides web browser-based tools for creating, personalizing and sending real letters to Italy as telegrams, priority mail, direct mailing or registered mail, from anywhere in the world, that will be deposited as italian domestic mail: we print your letter, seal it and deliver it to its final destination in Italy.

    Key to our success is the fact that we are a trusted and accredited partner of the Italy's largest, longest serving, and most successful organizations dedicated to the delivery of letters to italian recipients: SailPost and Poste.

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