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    LifeSaver's review

    Published: 2016-01-11, by .

    Contact loved ones if you're involved in a road accident emergency

    • Important function
    • Send GPS location
    • Custom SOS message
    • Up to 5 contacts
    • Menu graphics could be sharper
    • A few minor UX issues



    Life Saver is a simple and well-intentioned app which aims to protect you in a road accident emergency. Life Saver uses the location systems on your Android device, such as the accelerator and GPS tracker, to fire off a call and/or SMS message to up to 5 emergency contacts.

    The app has a basic but functional design and would benefit from some tweaks to make it a little smoother. That said, the app is built upon a fundamentally useful and important function, which actually WORKS. And in an emergency, that's just what you need.


    Life Saver is simple to use and carries out a very important, potentially life saving function. At the very least, it will alert a loved one if you have potentially been involved in a high impact accident, so they can respond quicker, and if needs be, get you help.

    From the main interface, you can quickly add your emergency contacts' numbers (up to 5), set the sensor coordinates, and input a customized message you'd like your contact to receive. You can also check each box depending on if you: want to auto call your contact, have your phone on speakerphone, auto answer calls when in alarm state, send an SMS, send your location (GPS coordinates), and auto start Life Saver as soon as your phone is switched on. All of this is explained in a short and sweet help section.

    Most importantly, the app actually worked. We left the preset impact coordinates as they were and subjected our phone to impact, and the app worked like a dream: instantly calling and sending an SMS to the emergency contact.


    The design of Life Saver isn't the most attractive in the world and the graphics could be a bit sharper - but it is, nevertheless, functional and intuitive to navigate.

    We also think that email should be added as a means of contact too, in case an emergency contact's phone is without signal, e.g, but they are connected to Wi-Fi. Also, you can't rename the contacts - and when you tap on one, even just to view it, it takes you to your contact list, as if you wish to edit it in some way.

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    by Jayne , Appszoom

    Jan 11, 2016


    You think car accidents happen to other people? Not to you? You might be wrong!

    They can happen to you, too.

    But you can just be smarter and stay safe. Sometimes just seconds mean survivor.

    Have a look on our LifeSaver App:
    1. An accident happens and you’re there
    2. LifeSaver gets alarmed and starts a rescue mission
    3. T he app will alarm your next to kin via text message (up to 5 people).
    4. The automated phone calls will be made (up to 5 people).
    5. The incoming calls will be monitored and answered in loud speaker mode in case you aren't able to move
    6. Your pre-selected friends will be informed about your whereabouts using the GPS coordinates unless you block this feature
    7. Your friends and family will then immediately call for help
    8. It’s been just an eye-click and your rescue is on its way

    These few seconds can save your life and the life of your family

    The app DOESN'T SEND ANY GPS DATA NOR DOES IT ARCHIVE OR SEND ANY INFORMATION to anyone you wouldn't have pre-authorised.

    Cheat your misfortune and get the LifeSaver before it's too late.

    Get the app the help your luck

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