Light My Line! Free




    Light My Line! lights up your reading nights, keeping your Android phone screen on for you!

    Light My Line! is a tiny, well optimatazed app, thtat turns your Android phone into a perfect light for your reading nights, keeping the Android phone screen on based on the chosen duration, without actually touch the screen every now and then. Thanks to its user-friendly functions, you can easily choose the perfect duration for the screen to stay on. Read your books during night, and don't bother someone else keeping your bed-side lamp on. Light My Line! alerts you when time for reading is running out, changing the screen color and lets you choose another duration, refresh the same duration, or simply turns off the light.

    With Light My Line! you will also have a perfect torch to activate when "things go dark" with a quick tap on its big red button.
    Don't spend another night without reading because "I can't turn on light": Light My Line! is the solution for you!

    Functions (Free Version)

    - Keep the screen on for the preset duration
    - 2 different timers preset
    - Quick refresh when timer is running out
    - Alert on screen when timer is about to running out
    - Works with Android Phone 2.3+

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