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    Music To Their Ears!

    ***LISTEN is free to download but requires a monthly fee of $2.99 to use the service. Available in the US for T-Mobile & MetroPCS customers***

    LISTEN is an innovative ringback tone service that fuses music entertainment and safety + productivity tools into one very useful app. With LISTEN, you can entertain your callers by replacing the usual ringing sound they hear with music or create custom status messages on the fly so you can broadcast your status when you can’t get to the phone.

    Try LISTEN & Get 5 BONUS Music Credits at Sign Up Plus These Key Feature:

    (NEW!) DRIVE MODE -- Automatically detects when you’re driving & plays a message back to callers allowing you to safely communicate to family and friends while you’re on the road.
    AUTO TEXT REPLIES -- Reply to incoming calls and text messages with AUTO SMS REPLIES you can create & customize yourself.
    PREMIUM MUSIC CATALOG -- Play music to callers by 1000s of Top Artists and genres such as Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Country, Dance, Classical, TV & Movie Soundtracks and more.
    CUSTOM STATUS MESSAGES -- Record your own 30-second Voice Message to play to specific callers such as:
    LOCATION DETECTION -- Automatically set a Status message for callers based on your geographic location.
    PERSONALIZATION -- Personalize Music & Status Messages for up to 5 callers! Plus, auto-set songs to play on Holidays or Special Occasions like Mom’s Birthday.

    Start playing Caller Tunes and personalized status messages to your family & friends now by downloading the app!

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