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    Specifically developed with simplicity in mind to help solve crime and save lives world-wide, this must have free App for all emergency situations and suspicious events - live video with GPS positioning!

    Intended for general public to ANONYMOUSLY report crime, fire, traffic, medical, suspicious behaviour, abuse, stolen/lost property, domestic violence or any other kind of situation in order to obtain help or help others by providing evidence.

    Evidence captured through the app is more reliable because it is recorded as real-time video and stamped with exact date, time and GPS location.

    In addition to calling 100 you can simply record and upload video for the emergency services to immediately view and assess. viewers can contribute by providing additional information/comments on the web portal.

    Also available as Live999, Live112, Live100 - most commonly used emergency numbers around the world. Users can download the app for emergency number relevant to their country.

    Key features :
    - Choose to upload your video immediately or later using WiFi (when available) or phone* connection
    - GPS positioning
    - All users of Live911 are ANONYMOUS (No log-in or personal details required)
    - Search and view uploaded incidents
    - Provide supplementary information
    - Helps the emergency services assess situations
    - Solve crimes by following and identifying suspects
    - Save lives with accurate information for rescue services
    - Worldwide not only USA
    - Upload other videos from your smartphone or computer directly to the site

    * charges may apply based on your particular service provider's contract terms

    Some of the many ways to use Live911...

    - Witness a police incident, provide evidence anonymously
    - direct emergency service to the exact location
    - encountered a medical emergency and can't find words to describe it, provide visual representation
    - make others aware if you observe suspicious activity
    - report if you come across something that might be a stolen property, it could be of tremendous value to someone
    - capture evidence if you see someone being bullied, harassed or abused, witness domestic violence, spot a missing person
    - get found if you are lost and don't know where you are - disabled people can make organisation they are a member of aware of their whereabouts
    - capture all situations where evidence matters - insurance claim, dispute, damage caused by leakage, noisy neighbour, environmental conditions and other similar situations

    IMPORTANT: By uploading an incident that contains people's private and confidential information we have your authorisation to publicly share, disclose and publish the incident and it's contents including comments.

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