Lockt - Lock Screen with Selectable Actions

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    Lockt - Lock Screen with Selectable Actions

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    Lockt Lock Screen looks like a standard lock screen, but lets you secretly run actions before and after your device unlocks. Lockt has 18 actions including Wipe External Storage, Send SMS Message and Record Audio. More actions are on the way. Most run silently, only you know they ran.

    We all keep private information on our mobile devices. Contacts, banking details, family photos, videos, appointments, meeting notes, call logs...

    Good passwords and encryption help keep this safe, but sometimes you have to hand your unlocked device over to someone else.

    Lockt Lock Screen can help protect you, your data, and your devices

    If you just want to unlock and use your device, enter the unlock pattern and you're in

    If you want to run some of Lockt's actions first, tap the icons matching the action sets, then enter the unlock pattern. The action sets run and your device unlocks.

    Lockt's actions include:
    Wipe External Storage
    Delete Named Directories
    Overwrite Free External Storage
    Wipe and Overwrite External Storage, Then Perform a Factory Reset
    Delete Call Logs
    Delete Calendar Entries
    Backup and Delete Contacts
    Take Photos
    Record Audio
    Send An SMS Message With Your Device's Location
    Send An Email With Your Device's Location
    Perform a Factory Reset
    Uninstall Lockt
    Make Lockt look like a standard lock screen app
    And more, with more to come

    You combine Lockt's actions into action sets, then select and run actions sets as you unlock your device

    An example of where Lockt may be useful is going through passport control. You hand over your passport. The officer tells you to unlock your mobile phone so they can search it. Maybe they'll copy your data as well (1). If you refuse you'll be delayed and given a hard time. Your device may be seized, you may be refused entry and deported. Couldn't happen? In 2016 over 19,000 mobile devices were searched by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency (2). That's up from about 8,500 in 2015 (2).

    To protect yourself and your privacy set up Lockt action sets. Then select and run action sets as needed.

    For example, you could create action sets that
    delete some directories and then overwrite free external storage to prevent recovery
    send an SMS message with your location to multiple recipients
    start recording audio and taking photos
    run a full factory reset after a configurable delay, you can cancel during the delay
    ... or any other combination of Lockt's actions

    To run an action set simply tap its icon before entering the unlock pattern.

    Setting up and running action sets is easy.