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    Logarithm Calculator is from a series of math tools provide by us.All apps are free and advertisement can be removed for iap .
    Both number and base are variable .Fill the number and base and press calculate for getting the answer in result column.
    Special Feature
    *One button clear for input fields
    * Variable base for easy choices
    * Exact logarithmic to maximum decimal place possible
    * Example log to show app use
    * Easy copy to clipboard
    Calculate log to base e with leaving the field empty
    Best app for students at school or college level ,A must have app if you are a student, it will make algebra easy .

    Note:The logarithm of a number is the exponent to which another fixed value, the base, must be raised to produce that number. For example, the logarithm of 1024 to base 2 is 10 in other words we have to multiply 2 ,10 times to get 1024 that is 2 to power 10 is 1024.

    To find natural log leave the base field blank.

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