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    This free app will work on android TABLETS and PHONES.

    "Addition Double Digit" is a mobile device application designed to help math students calculate a range of addition calculations. Regular use of this app will help users in their tests and exams.

    This program contains guides and practise sessions to help students gain confidence in processing addition calculations.

    Users can choose whether to use both guides and practise sessions OR they may simply use the practise sessions contained in the app.

    The practise sessions in Addition Double Digit are randomly generated however they are generated within strict parameters to ensure the sessions remain within the users capabilities. The "practise" sessions will continue to provide an unlimited number of exercises until the user chooses to return to the menu.

    This app is designed for use on phones AND 7 inch and 10 inch tablets.

    The Testing module in the app assesses the users performance in the areas of accuracy and time taken to complete 10 exercises.

    Addition Double Digit uses Google Analytics to monitor this app's performance. The information obtained from Google Analytics does not allow for the identification of any individual user. The app does not request any name, address or any other identifiable information at any time.

    While we hope this app is entertaining we have developed this app to be more educational than an educational game. Importantly, understanding this app will help with multiplication apps, multiplication games and other primary games..

    There are no "In App" purchases with this App. "In App" advertising does exist and selecting the apps may lead to users leaving this program. Should this occur the user takes full responsibility for any costs, damages, etc..

    The "Addition Double Digit" app is suitable for infants / primary /and elementary school students as well as more senior people requiring to practise addition calculations. It is suitable for use at home, school or adult education levels.

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