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    The installation of a photovoltaic system connected to the grid is only the first step towards reducing the consumption of energy from traditional sources. In order to make the best of a cogeneration system it is necessary to learn to manage the energy demand of the loads by tying it to the availability of produced energy by the PV system. Especially in home installations, most of the solar energy production occurs during daylight hours when the need to supply the loads is very low, while in the evening there is the peak power demand. To understand how much the user is far from the ideal consumption in the presence of PV production, Lovato Electric proposes DMECDPV1 data concentrator which, starting from measuring the consumption and production of energy, computes indexes helpful to verify the goodness of the plant usage. PVView , connecting to the home or office WiFi network, retrieves information from the concentrator, which is connected to the network as well, making the produced, consumed and exchanged energy with the distributor visible to the user, providing also indexes and graphs showing how the user is close to the optimal usage of the PV system.

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