Magic Circuit Wallpaper Free




    This application is a live wallpaper like a magic circuit.
    The magic circuit can rotate and flash at the same interval of time.

    Main Features:
    - Magic circuit rotates and emits a weak light
    - Small magic circuits appear when user taps screen
    - Enable/Disable rotating and light emitting

    Full Version's Features:
    - There are 2 types of magic circuit: Square Ancient Script and Elfish Script
    - You can choose color: blue or white

    This application is free version of Magic Circuit Wallpaper.
    If you like this application, you can download full version. (Some features in free version are restricted because of free version.)
    Visit an introduction page for Full Version.

    This application will be updated more and more!

    Enjoy magic circuit live wallpaper.

    - 1.3.0
    Append feature settings.
    Enable/Disable rotating and light emitting.
    Append elfish script magic circuit.
    Append red color magic circuits.
    Fix magic circuit position when device is rotated.

    - 1.2.0
    Appended small magic circles which appear by user's tapping.

    - 1.1.0
    Appended application information.

    - 1.0.0
    First release.

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