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    Published: 2016-10-27, by .

    Using your GPS, you’re able to find people to hook up with around you

    • Solid black interface
    • Easy to sign-up
    • Poor app execution
    • UI isn't really all that intuitive
    • Can only login through Facebook
    • Asks for a lot of personal info

    "Find singles close to you"


    Magnet - Attraction On The Spot for the iOS and Android wants to help you find men, women, or even both for you to hook up with. Once you log in with your Facebook account, you’re able to set up your basic info, like your age, what gender you’re looking for, or if you want to hook-up or just look for a friend. You can also add a tagline so people can check out who you are. Then, based on your location, the app allows you to quick check-out and filter singles or people around you in real-time.


    Magnets features a nice-looking black interface with large font to help you identify what to do and what you’re looking at. If you’ve got a Facebook account, signing-up is somewhat easy and streamlined.


    You can only sign-up using your Facebook account, so be prepared to hand over your public profile, friends list, e-mail address, and just all of your personal info. The actual user interface could even be much, much clearer than it actually is. Overall app execution is pretty flawed.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Oct 27, 2016


    Magnet is the first check-in dating app, merging the best aspects of online dating and real life approaching.
    With the check-in feature, Magnet allows you to quickly browse and filter singles around you, in real-time.
    Press [+] to anonymously express your interest, or [-] to discard that user profile.
    If there is mutual interest, you get connected with a 5-minute chat.
    Break the ice and meet up on the spot!

    What's different from other dating apps?

    • It's on-site:
    We already filter people by going to specific places and events, so why not connecting with them while there?
    • It’s in real-time:
    On average, it takes 2 weeks before the first date. With Magnet, you don’t need to organize any date, just meet up on the spot!
    • It encourages face-to-face interactions:
    You only have 5 minutes to break the ice via chat, then just meet up and check if there is any chemistry!
    • It’s safer and stress-free:
    Are you not enjoying your encounter? Just excuse yourself and go back to your friends! No more being stuck for two hours on a lame first date!

    Gone are the days where you have to endlessly swipe through a never-ending stream of strangers while bored at home.
    And forget about getting unsolicited pictures that make you questions why you’re on a dating app in the first place!

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