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    An excellent nutrition and fitness app based on Paleo principles

    • Paleo workouts and nutrition plans
    • Step-by-step workout instructions with video samples
    • Calendar and scheduled workouts
    • Tribes for social challenges
    • Logs and stats
    • Navigation should be more intuitive
    • Nutrition plan is too restrictive unless you upgrade

    "Workout and eat the paleo way"


    Mammoth Hunters is a groundbreaking mobile (and web) nutrition and fitness app for those who are determined to reach their fitness goals. It’s based on the paleo lifestyle, which follows the principle that we humans should take back some of the elements of our ancestors way of life in order to stay healthy and fit: eating food that can be easily found in nature and working out outdoors without any equipment besides our own body.

    Mammoth Hunters makes it a snap to pick up these habits. You only need to input your goal (losing weight, staying healthy or getting fit), your body features (gender, age, weight...), your activity level, and your current and desired body fat percentage. The app automatically designs a workout and nutrition plan to help you reach the goals set.


    Both nutrition and workout plans have been designed by experts devoted to a few golden rules: workouts that can be performed in quick sessions (7-20 minutes) and that don’t require any equipment; nutrition plans and recipes comprising of ingredients that can easily be found in any grocery markets and keep a perfect balance between macro and micro nutrients.

    There are a variety of training sessions so you don’t get bored, each of them with detailed info and video guidance that shows how to perform the exercise correctly. The built-in calendar and scheduled workouts make it so handy to keep up with your schedule.

    Besides the excellent workout and nutrition plans, Mammoth Hunters succeeds in keeping motivation up by logging your stats and allowing you to create Tribes. Members of a tribe can motivate each other through pokes, likes and an in-built chat to reach weekly goals. If staying healthy and fit wasn’t enough reason to workout and eat well, now collaborating with your friends inside the app might be a good one.


    A sidebar would make navigation easier. In addition, the nutrition plan is too restrictive in the free version. You are almost forced to upgrade if you want to see more than basic nutritional guidance.

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    Mammoth Hunters is the most effective bodyweight functional training program, adapted to your schedule, your fitness level and your goals.

    Whether your goal is to gain strength, get fit or lose weight, join fellow Mammoth Hunters who are getting amazing results and living a sustainable, happy & healthy lifestyle.

    What you can expect

    - HIIT workouts: 7-20 minutes a day; Customized to your body and goals.
    - Workout Anytime, anywhere. Workouts can be done at home or in the park.
    - No gym, no equipment. Guided bodyweight exercises.
    - Scientifically created plans based on Paleo training and Paleo diet.
    - High quality Tutorial Videos of exercises for perfect execution.
    - Your own Personal trainer and Nutritionist.
    - See body and health results in just 3 weeks


    About Mammoth Hunters

    Mammoth Hunters was created by a team of Scientists and Nutrition Paleo Experts who have helped hundreds of Athletes & Patients to reach their fitness goals. Mammoth Hunters is a fitness app which integrates bodyweight functional training into high intensity interval sessions (HIIT workouts). With complete flexibility, Mammoth Hunters adapts to your routine and allows you to workout from anywhere (including at home), saving you time.

    Thousands of users have tried our fitness plans and the results are amazing. In just three weeks you will see noticeable changes in your body and feel the difference. Our first 12 sessions are completely FREE including basic nutritional advice based on paleo diet.

    Based on App intelligence,

    - Mammoth Hunters follows your progress and acts as your own personal trainer and nutritionist.

    - It creates a functional training plan that fits to your lifestyle with short but effective HIIT workouts that you can do even from your own home.

    - It designs a 100% tailored meal plan for you. All of our recipes are 100% Natural Paleo.

    Functional Training Workouts

    - Guided Videos of each Functional training Exercise
    - All workouts can be done at home in the park, in the office. No equipment.
    - Short and intense HIIT workouts. Just 7-20 minutes a day
    - HIIT workouts adapted to your fitness level and goal.
    - Group workouts (Tribes) to stay motivated and train in groups
    - Thousands of combinations of bodyweight exercises

    Customized Nutrition

    - Personalized paleo meal plans based on your workout level and fitness goals.
    - Paleo recipes designed specifically to provide the protein, carbohydrates and fat you need to reach your objective.
    - Weekly shopping lists to stock food at home

    Mammoth Hunters Pro

    Unlock the Pro Version to get full access to all Mammoth Hunters bodyweight functional training workouts, access to coached programs such as Unbreakable (Fitness Revolucionario) along with customized nutrition plans.


    Example Workouts

    - To the One: 10 laps of decreasing repetitions of functional exercises (e.g. burpees, squats, plank, push ups).
    - Tabata routine: 8 series of 20 seconds of activity with 10 seconds rest in between each series of a functional exercise (e.g. side to side squats), then do another tabata of an exercise from a different group (e.g. plank spider) and finally a third tabata of an exercise of another group (e.g. hindu push ups)
    - Hard Stop: Do as many repetitions of an exercise in one minute (e.g. 100 burpees with frog jump). Every time you need to rest do 30 seconds of plank.
    - Paleo Run: complete 2 laps of 6 exercises from different groups (e.g. surfer, plio jump, side burpees, lateral gunman squat, plank pivot, squat jump). Run 1 minute after each exercise.
    - Discover many more HIIT workouts in our APP!

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