Manage My Trip

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    This application manages everything related to a trip from Trip Initiation till Finishing of the Trip. It manages every phase related to a trip e.g. Initiate, Plan, Review, Freeze, Execute, Complete and Finish.

    Manage all the trip expenses.
    Add and update the places supposed to be visited on this trip.
    Add and update the participants supposed to be part of this trip.
    Add the routes supposed to be followed for this trip.
    Add and update the list of expected expenditures.
    Add and update the list of necessary items required on this trip.
    Add and update the precautions which should be taken care on this trip.
    Add and update the parameters related to expected weather on this trip.

    Menu Options
    Plan Trip For the complete planning of the trip.
    Review Plan Review the trip plan and make changes.
    Freeze Plan Freeze the trip plan.
    Execute Plan Execute the freezed trip Plan.
    Complete Plan Complete and finish your trip Plan.
    About Application To know about the application.
    Application Help To access application related help.
    Exit To quit the application.