[Please note: Corrections & New mantras are added on Stotramaala app in future]

    Veda means knowledge, light & bliss. Recitation of the Vedas according to right shruti, with guidance of a guru has been a tradition passed down orally since ages without change in content. This effort, first time ever in a kannada app, is to bring some of the very important vedic mantras used in everyday pooja, yajnas & rituals in text format with swara annotations. Hope reciting this, the veda dhwani, brings to you peace of mind, purity of body & eternal bliss.

    The following veda mantras are provided in this Kannada app:
    1. gaNapati prarthana mantra
    2. gaNapati atharva sheersham
    3. gaNesha suktam
    4. shrI suktam
    5. gayatri mantra
    6. mEdhA suktam
    7. durgA suktam
    8. narayana suktam
    9. purusha suktam
    10. narayanopanishat
    11. rudrA laghunyAsa
    12. rudraprashna / rudra namakam
    13. chamakaprashna
    14. mantrapushpam
    15. shanti mantras
    16. gayatri mantras of various dieties (with uses)
    17. aa nO bhadra sukta
    18. malapakarshana snana
    19. navagraha suktam
    20. pavamaana suktam
    21. sanyasa suktam
    22. sarpasuktam
    23. swasti suktam
    24. trisuparnam
    25. saraswati suktam
    26. Agnisuktam

    * zoom option part of menu (increase/ decrease font size)
    * white text on black background to save battery & less stress to read
    * Readable in both landscape & portrait mode
    * Offline usable, light, free & no Ads or popups
    * Saves last opened mantra (if home button used to exit)

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