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    Mapicle News App provides all your daily news in a simple format that gives you both the short summaries and in-depth news that comprises of background information, related stories, key quotes, images, Wikipedia excerpts, and much more at your fingertips (pun intended). All the top stories from India and around the world are presented with an in-depth section that lets you stay on top of what’s happening. Our team hand picks content from multiple leading daily news sources and puts it together for you in a simple and lucid format.
    Download Mapicle News App for free today and witness news in a refreshingly new and informative way.

    Mapicle News App Features:

    - News Curated from Trusted Sources - Each news story is created from multiple national and international sources like the Times of India, The Hindu, BBC News, CNN News, The Indian Express, Economic Times, Forbes, Time, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Yahoo News, and many more.

    - ‘Link View’ - Mapicle News presents the essential facts and information in a ‘Link View’. This unique view contains facts, information, key quotes, images, videos, maps, info graphics, and Wikipedia excerpts among others. Link View provides a unique context to the news.

    - Knowledge Matters - Mapicle News gives you the bits and pieces from related stories pertaining to the current news within the ‘Link View’ so that you get the complete picture without wasting precious time. Curiosity never killed the cat, right ?

    - Your Time Matters - Tired of having to swipe over each and every news summary? Mapicle News App puts YOU in-charge. To read in-depth or in short, that is the question !! Break free from the ‘one size fits all’ approach. If the news article sounds interesting to you, dig deep. If it doesn’t, move on to the next trending story. Our fast and fluid interface is optimized to save your time.

    - FYO (Form Your own Opinion) - Our team at Mapicle believes that the perspective of the news reader matters the most. We separate the facts from the irrelevant news noise and keep you free from all the “expert opinions”. Form your own opinion because it is your perspective that matters.

    Mapicle News App is your most exciting daily news source of all the latest headlines, breaking news, business news, world news, sports news, politics news, tech news, entertainment news, bollywood updates, and other important news and stories that are not covered by the mainstream media and leading Indian newspapers. We bring you everything at your fingertips optimized for your android phone.

    We are committed to building the best mobile news app experience.
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