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    Maps with Compass, GPS Navigation & GPS Route Finder App: Gps compass map guide is a combination of GPS navigation compass & google map to help you navigate & find your way quickly. Going somewhere? Go with travel maps & navigation app you can rely on for real-time GPS navigation, traffic, transit gps, & details about millions of places, such as reviews & popular times. Discover places & explore like a local. My current location app option helps you if you lost your way or forgot the address then you can see your current position.

    A Compass can be used for most of your outdoor activities such as travel, picnics, camping, hiking or boating. The icompass on GPS Maps app is the most precise & useful free app for navigation & orientation purpose that shows directions on Google Maps based on the built-in magnetic sensor.

    Compass App for Android: Find the North direction with your mobile gyro compass sensor while you are traveling in cities & countries. Don't lose your way & have a happy travel! Smart compass app free for Android is an accurate compass to detect & navigate to the true north direction with a digital degree of 360. Digital compass app shows the direction of north, south, east & west, shows degrees in the side window, has a rotating bezel for advanced hiking compass navigation.

    No matter wherever you are, you just need to install this app in your mobile or your friends mobile to keep track yours & their current & visited locations, It is the best mobile map locator app for Android.

    • Find all nearby places like ATM`s, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals using location map.
    • App will not upload your personal info/locations & will store the locations in your phone memory only.
    • Various Map types: Satellite, Normal, Hybrid & Terrain
    • Free & best route finder & GPS tracker App with compass
    • Compass App for Android: Find the North direction with your mobile gyrocompass sensor.
    • GPS compass allows user to find Restaurants, ATMs, Hotels, Bank, Schools, University, Post office, Cafe & Police station etc nearby
    • Use free GPS-compass for navigation, zmap & address finding
    • Navigator for driving route map: Navigate to your destination through waypoints
    • Kompass is simple to use, use it like a real compass with global positioning system
    • A decimal bearing provides detailed direction
    • Magnetic & true north compass is available, the app automatically takes care of variation
    • Find a way & reach safely to your home or office or somewhere - It’s FREE
    • Get directions with no voice navigation
    • Track your path with this gps kompas, busola
    • Reach your destination accurately with speed & cover your distance in right direction

    This GPS compass app is full of information like:
    - Current address / current latitude & longitude
    - Distance
    - Speed - go safe map
    - ETA (Estimated time of arrival)
    - GPS Accuracy
    - Magnetic field strength
    - GPS Altitude
    - Traveled path visualization
    - Trip computer
    - Find your friend adresse

    Maps compass free is the most specific & performance upgraded google maps compass app available. Best compass on maps supports magnetic field northern & true north using compass sensor, network or GPS navigation location coordinates & google map
    GPS navigation allows users to provide the GPS location of your & navigate destinations via directions & search maps using a number of different methods. GPS map is free to access maps, navigation & traffic. You will have access to accurate world maps in 220 countries & territories.

    GPS navigation finder tracks multiple targets simultaneously & shows their info – distance, direction, azimuth maps, elevation finder. Find & track your location & get detailed real-time GPS data – coordinates in dozens of formats, altitude, nautical & surveying units. This is a high precision & insanely beautiful digital compass for android to find the direction of north & south when you are traveling in cities & countries. Don't lose your direction & have a happy travel!

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