Mars And Venus Battles

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    We have reached the conclusion of our app. Throughout this app, we have tried to illustrate one fundamental point—that men and women were ordained to be different by nature, and it is because of this reason that they behave in radically different ways and sometimes hurt each other.
    In most cases, this hurt is not intentional. A man may behave in a particular way because his behavior may dictate him to do so, but his wife may construe it as a lack of attention on his part. A woman may spend too much time looking after her beauty or after her kids, while her husband may think that she has ceased to care for him.
    However, in both these scenarios, we are expecting our partners to behave like us. Men expect women to behave like them, and women expect men to behave like them. This, of course, does not work. Men and women are entirely different—they are hormonally different—and hence they will not act like their partners.
    People who accept this fact find that their lives become more meaningful. They start understanding the true meaning and intention behind their partners’ actions and hence they are able to put things into a better perspective. What might have culminated into an ugly war is nipped in the bud and just helps in consolidating their relationship.
    The intention of this app is similar. We have tried to highlight these differences between men and women throughout the app and we have thus established that their diametrically opposite behaviors in most cases is because they have been made different. They are made of different ingredients—how can we then expect them to behave in a similar fashion?
    Relationships are a lot more than just expecting our partners to behave like us. These are the banalities of a relationship; they must be ignored as soon as possible. What you must look at is the larger picture… whatever the differences between you, your partner has agreed to be with you for life. You have exchanged or are intending to exchange your nuptial vows in which you promise to be with them for good and for bad, in sickness and in health, till death do you part. Should these vows be dealt with so abysmally then?
    We need to see our relationships in new light. We have to understand that we need them to live. Our lives are enhanced only when we have love in our lives.
    That is what this app is about. Hopefully, after reading all these pages, you will begin to see your partner in a new light. That is something very important, something that you just cannot afford to ignore.
    All the best in your love life!!!