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    Closest approach of Mars in 2016 occurs at 11:10 UT on May 22 when the planetocentric longitude of the Sun along the Martian ecliptic will be 161° with an apparent planetary disk diameter of 18.6" (74% of maximum possible) at a distance of 0.503 astronomical units (AU).

    This application monitors distance, angular size, light time and radial velocity of Mars with respect to Earth, also including a timer to and from closest approach. Size and magnitude are graphically compared with the 2003 opposition. Mars is displayed in the form of a rotateable 3D globe, as is Earth as seen from Mars. At opposition Earth faces Mars its entire night side, later turning crescent. A view of the elongations of both planet's from the sun is included as well.

    Also included, a visualization of Mars oppositions between 1950 and 2061.

    Provided countdown parameters:
    * Distance in AU, km and miles.
    * Angular size/magnitude
    * Light time
    * Radial velocity/orbital velocity
    * Time to closest approach
    * Zonal time at centered longitude
    * Martian seasonal longitude

    This application is believed to be reliable and accurate, however, errors inherent to the human factor or Android implementation cannot be ruled out entirely.
    This application runs in landscape mode only.
    Please send the author an email in case you encounter issues regarding display and / or functions.
    Please make most efficient use of Google Play's narrow refund window.
    Please contact the author by email, if you have any pre-sales questions.

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