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    Martial Arts techniques

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    Martial arts is an art that arose as a way of person to maintain / defend themselves. The martial arts have long existed and evolved over time. Basically, humans have the instinct to protect himself and his life. In grow or develop, human beings can not be separated from physical activity, anytime and anywhere. This is what will spur physical activities all the time. In ancient times, precisely before their modern weaponry, people do not think of other ways to keep himself apart with his bare hands. At that time, the ability to fight with their bare hands developed as a way to attack and defend, then used to improve the physical abilities / a person's body. However, in subsequent ages, weapons began to be known and used as a tool to defend themselves.

    It can be said that the martial arts spread throughout the world and almost every country has a martial art that developed in each area as well as an absorption of other martial arts that developed in the region of origin. As an example of the art of silat is a martial art that developed in other ASEAN countries and are in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Brunei.

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