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    Easy UI, multi-view and sort, coc easy to use: click Installer to install, click on the document to open, click on the media file to play.
    At the same time powerful, highly xmod customizable, multi-select, search, clipboard features available to senior users;
    Network and local unified operation and coc UI, simple copy and paste instead of the file upload, download and other professional concepts;
    Rich system management functions, including memory, process, SD card, coc, mobile phone system SMS, address book, security, xmod etc .;
    File management functions: a variety of view list and sort, view and open all kinds of xmod files. Multi-select, extract, rename and other file functions;
    Program management functions: install, uninstall, backup procedures, create shortcuts;
    Process management functions: coc view, with automatic memory and other xmod functions;
    Multimedia function: built-in text editor, you can view the text; you can use the built-in player to view audio and video; software built-in remote media player to remotely play streaming media and other video and audio files, software built-in remote picture browser Remote browsing picture;
    The app, Master Mods & Hacks, developed by professional developer team. Enjoy your Master - Mods & Hacks completely free. Just need couple minutes to install your super mods & hacks.

    1. Quick toolbar xmod operation.
    2. Manage coc files on your phone.
    3. Search and view files locally.
    4. Support extract / check / backup program.

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