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    Mastering Hypnotism Books 4-6

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    When anybody hears the word "hypnotize", the majority of people would think of either two likely situations.

    One would be a well thought and played out comedic act where the one in the trance is told to do a few silly and funny gestures to get the viewer's attention and rope them in for more laughs. The other that would come straight to their minds after seeing it so many times would be well known magicians such as David Blaine or Criss Angel for instance where the tension and hyping up of the trick would rise and rise until the perfect mix of focus and thought would amaze everyone who saw the wonderful illusion.

    But this folks . . . what's mentioned above, these mass market appeals of the magic world is the real deception.

    This same majority of people who think they know what the real definition of hypnotism means are being "hypnotized" themselves. What you see on TV is staged, what you feel is how they want you to feel so you keep watching.

    They don't want you to know that there is a real world out there dedicated to mystic arts, dedicated to harnessing the soul and mind for use beyond the normal spectrum of life. They don't want you to know this because all they care about is ratings, entertainment and the money. They think that the truth would bore people.

    What I have to offer you are 3 e-books that are included in this app, "Mind Power Seduction Manual", "How To Hypnotize People / Living Things" and "How To Get The Truth Out Of Anyone" that will open a whole new world that is waiting to be discovered in terms of mind control and hypnotism that will wake up powers that you've never thought you had.

    And remember Books 4-6 as well as Books 1-3 which are "Hypnosis for Beginners", "Advanced Hypnotism Techniques" and "7 Secrets to Hypnotism" are totally FREE so there's no commitment needed.

    Books 1-3 are included in the 1st volume of this app (if you haven't checked those out yet) which are easily obtainable, all you have to do is touch the icon that says "Read Books 1-3 of ..." and it will bring you to my storefront where you can download "Mastering Hypnotism Books 1-3" and many more . . .

    NOTE: You will need Adobe Reader for this app as the e-book uses Adobe for your viewing pleasure.
    NOTE 2: Please set the page viewing to "Text Reflow" as it helps the e-book as well as your eyes!

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