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    About 5ive Percenter Inc.
    5ive Percenter Inc. is a high caliber group of individuals pioneering the next wave of leadership across the United States. We have a predetermined commitment to your success. 5ive is dedicated solely towards helping your family receive either financial relief or financial independence...your dream is our mission statement. Let our vehicle help you get there! Contact us to find out more information as to how you can become part of the select 5ive Percent.

    About ACN, Inc.
    ACN is the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications and essential services for residential and business customers. ACN provides the services people need and use every day including Home Phone service, High Speed Internet, Wireless, Mobile Applications, Television, Home Security & Automation, Computer Support, Energy, and Merchant Services. ACN operates in 23 countries with offices located throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. For more information, visit For information on ACN’s home-based business opportunity, visit