Maurizio's is a culmination of over 200 years worth of Italian recipes stemming from Sicily and Abruzzi. Its these recipes that we pride our selves with when creating dishes for our friends and family. Now we are creating them for you.

    You can expect to find the classic Italian dishes such as Lasagna (Friday Special), Veal Cutlet on a Bun, Panzerotti, Meat Balls and Pasta's that everyone has come to love over the years. In addition to these well know plates, we will be bringing you recipes somewhat of a rarity of finer Italian cuisine only found in 5 star restaurants. We make all our food from scratch every morning; allowing us to provide you all the freshness of a wonderfully tasting meal. Once you step through our front door you can look beyond our countertops and see our pristine state of the art kitchen dynamic, this is where our creations come to life. We purposely designed our kitchen this way so that all can see what equipment we use, and that we cook fresh everyday. We have nothing to hide. We apologize in advance that we cannot warm up outside meals or beverages as we do not own a microwave.

    We strive to make all our food as healthy as possible. We use only Certified Organic flour in all our doughs, we use only premium Sun Flower Seed Oil and we make our very own tomato and pesto sauces. It's these finer details for excellence that makes our menu uniquely ours.

    Maurizio's welcomes all you from Parry Sound Ontario and visitors from abroad to taste our passion for food. Great food brings people together; coupled by great conversations makes for long lasting memories.

    Hand picked produce, hand crafted quality ingredients, generations of knowledge, countless hours of preparation and the passion for quality food is what "Home Made" is all about.