MAV Downlink




    This is an app that allows you to use your Android smartphone to provide Internet telemetry to your MAVLink-compatible autopilot.

    This grants you the ability to talk to your UAV via the standard telemetry interface no matter where it is, as long as it is within range of a 4G or 3G cellular network. You can fly a UAV in California from New York; or just fly in your field without buying expensive Telemetry hardware.

    This has been tested on APM 2.6 but should be compatible with all autopilots and mission planning software that:
    1) Uses MAVLink
    2) Has an onboard USB to serial port communicating at 115200 Baud
    3) Mission planner software that supports connectivity over TCP/IP

    A manual for usage of the app can be found here:

    This app is currently a proof of concept. It's feature set is intentionally minimal to see if there is any interest in continued development/refinement on the concept. Please let me know if you are interested in continued development of the app via e-mail or by posting a comment here:

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