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    Ovulation Calendar & Fertility - Boy or Girl

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    Want to know when you are most fertile?
    Want to know the gender of your baby in advance?

    Get pregnant fast and accurately predict the gender of your baby with the most reliable ovulation calculator & period calendar. It has been proven to increase your chance of pregnancy by 3 times, even if you have irregular menstrual cycles.

    How does it work?
    Get Baby predicts your ovulation by using STM (the sympto-thermal method), which predicts your peak fertility days by using your BBT record (basal body temperature), CM(cervical mucus) and period on the calendar. That's why it can help you to conceive 3 times faster!

    How can gender be predicted?
    Get Baby predicts your baby’s gender based on the Shettles Method. Research shows this method has an accuracy rate of up to 75%.

    Health tracker
    - Monthly calendar tells you your daily chance of getting pregnant, your peak fertility days and what’s the best day to conceive a boy or girl
    - Track your cervical mucus, temperature, weight, intercourse, mood, symptom, PMS, etc
    - Record your ovulation and pregnancy tests
    - Innovative charts help you manage reproductive health and get pregnant
    - Hundreds of articles and tips about pregnancy, fertility, ovulation, menstruation reproductive health, etc
    - Track your ovulation and fertility

    - Predicts your chance of pregnancy
    - Predicts your baby’s gender
    - Tells you the best day to conceive a boy or girl
    - Records your health data
    - Helps birth control in a natural way
    - Pregnancy mode
    - Backup and restore data
    - Password protection
    - Export your data to your doctor
    - View all your data on the calendar
    - 100% FREE! No locked features
    - Ovulation calendar and menstrual cycle calendar
    - Ovulation tracker, fertility tracker, menstrual cycle tracker and period tracker

    - BBT: Basal Body Temperature, your temperature when you first wake from sleep.
    - CM: Cervical Mucus.
    - STM: The Sympto-thermal Method. It's a fertility awareness based method that makes use of a woman’s observations of her CM, BBT and more in order to identify the fertile and infertile times of her cycle.
    - PMS: Premenstrual Syndrome.

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