mEasy WaiterApp Mobile/Tablet




    In this digital era , everything is going digital. Why not step into the new generation and take your orders through your mobile ?mEasyWaiter App is a client app for android devices which works along with mEasyPOS Manager. With mEasyWaiter App waiters are able to manage the table on the go. They can take fast orders as well as check out the tables with payment with a single click. No more paper and pen, mEasyWaiter app can be installed on any android mobile.

    Features :
    *Complete View of Tables (whether busy or free) :
    Waiter will be able to see the status of the table with a single view and eventually get complete details of the orders.
    *Fast ordering with item code:
    Whether a small or big restaurants, fast ordering with item code allows the waiter to save time and take orders without browsing the whole menu.
    *Food Preparation Status Update :
    Get the complete status of the ordered food in kitchen. Whether its being prepared or already prepared , everything can be known from single app.
    *Checkout table with payment:
    Checkout tables with cash or credit card. Instant notifciation is sent to the counter for a successful payment.
    *Call Waiter Notification with sound and vibration :
    Get instant alert on your mobile in case the customers calls. Waiter can either attend it or ignore it in case other attends.
    *Direct Print to Kitchen or Counter :
    All the orders taken are instantly printed or notified in kitchen or counter. So everyone get complete update of the orders.
    *Update / Edit Orders Instantly :
    Modify or update orders instantly with few clicks.

    (NOTE : THIS APP ONLY WORKS WITH mEasyPOS which can be downloaded from . ) THIS APP HAS TO CONNECT WITH mEasyPOS Manager , OTHERWISE IT WILL NOT WORK.YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOGIN IF THIS APP IS NOT CONFIGURED WITH mEasyPOS Manager. For more information please visit See our faq page for installation instructions.
    By default password is 123456 after you have configured it with mEasyPOS Manager.

    We are online on skype , you can always chat with us on skype for questions and issues.
    SKYPE : support.sazutech