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    Fed up of your phone's lagging speed when you play games??
    well, NO MORE hanging phones, taste this app, free your memory, manage unused apps, clear junk files, free your RAM to run your loving games in the phone.
    Memory Cleaner for Android is all set for you.
    * Junk files
    * Privacy
    * Memory Booster
    * App Manager

    All 4 major things in just one app.

    [Junk Files] - Clean Cache and Residual Files
    On Android devices, cache and residual files can build up and occupy gigabytes of your phone’s space.
    Cleaning junk files can help free up memory on your device and memory/SD card.

    [Memory Boost] -It helps you to increase memory and speed up your device
    Tasks running in the background not only occupy system RAM, but also waste your battery life.
    Memory Boost can stop other apps that are running in the background and free up more RAM to speed up your Android device.

    [Privacy] - Delete History
    Privacy is important and many of your apps silently record your personal data,
    such as your web browser data, Google search history, and more.
    Ultimate Cleaner can erase this information and keep your personal data secure.

    [App Manager] -Backup, Move to SD,Uninstaller
    An uninstaller that is an improvement over the default Android version,
    which is also able to create backup .apk files.
    Some rooted users will also be able to move apps to their SD card as well as
    uninstall pre-installed and system apps.

    [Memory Boost/Task Killer] –
    Clear - Protect your privacy by deleting personal information like your search and browser history
    Clean - Delete those junk files (cache and residual) that take up valuable storage space
    App Management - Move apps to an memory/SD card, remove pre-installed apps and backup .apk files

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