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    Published: 2014-10-28, by .

    Detailed information of upcoming weather in all of Italy, including webcams and maps

    • View all of Italy, individual provinces, by cities
    • Info about temperature, precipitation, and wind speed
    • Web cam views and satellite photos
    • Only in Italian
    • No zoom feature on the images
    • Buttons that don't work

    "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs"

    Meteo in Diretta is an Italy-specific weather app, all in Italian, specializing solely in the upcoming weather conditions in Italy.

    Browse general overview of upcoming weather in the whole country, or specify where you'd like to check out by region, city, or keyword. Examine temperature predictions, precipitation, and wind speeds. You can even specify what time of the day you'd like to look at.

    A webcam section lets you take a peek at actual conditions all around the country. The webcams don't seem to be updated in realtime; I suspect they grab a limited number of frames every so often to upload to the app. The same is true for satellite images, from which you can check out individual provinces, the whole country, or the entirety of Europe. It's also possible to set different filters to look for varying temperatures, precipitation, contaminates in the air, etc.

    There are a couple major things missing from this weather app. An obvious one is the ability to change the language - it would be very useful for visitors to the country to be able to use the app even if they didn't speak Italian. Another is a zoom function on the images - mobile users are more and more accustomed these days to being able to pinch to enlarge an image, and it's not possible with this app. There's also a large button on the homescreen titled "Segnala Meteo" that doesn't have any function at all.

    There are certainly more versatile weather apps out there. However, if you speak Italian and are very interested in the weather in Italy, Meteo in Diretta could be useful for you.

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    Oct 28, 2014


    Con l'applicazione di MeteoInDiretta hai sul tuo smarphone le webcam e le previsioni meteo per l'Italia, per le regioni e per tutti i comuni.

    In particolare puoi consultare gratuitamente:

    Previsioni meteo per l'Italia, mappe pioggia, neve, temperatura, venti e visibilità
    Previsioni per tutte le regioni con relative mappe meteo
    Previsioni per tutti i comuni e località di rilievo
    Mappe meteo ad alta risoluzione
    Immagini satellitari
    Segnalazioni meteo in tempo reale

    L'applicazione è in grado di determinare automaticamente la tua posizione.

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