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    When you download Mii App, it looks like the personal app of a random girl.
    But it is totally configurable, so you can turn Mii App into Your App, about You.
    What you see when you first get it is a demo that you change to what You want.
    Replace the front page photo, title, introduction page, menu buttons and labels with what You like - and then add all your own content - photos, text, videos - so it is all about YOU.
    Mii App is great for artists - Painters, Musicians, Writers, Actors - anyone who wants a portfolio they can share with friends, fans or employers. If you have a passion for something - horses, fossils, Rock music, family genealogy - whatever - you can tailor Mii App for a million different uses.
    If you are in a band, or you run a sports club, a fan club or any special interest group - Mii App can be given to your members/fans so you are engaging with them 24/7, giving them up to date info on events, merchandise, tickets, gigs, blogs, goss, profiles - you name it.
    Mii App is free.
    Take it and change it to something great, that you want to share with the world. Then if you want to publish it on the Play Store - I can do that for you too. Then you can give it away, or charge for it.

    What do you do?
    You download Mii App and then sign into my site - and start changing it!
    As often as you like until you get it right. You upload the changes and watch Mii App being transformed to Your App. And then you add content. Images, text, videos.

    So how do I make money?
    There will be a few Google ads - not many - sprinkled in your content. If you or one of your fans or friends happen to click on one - I make a fraction of a cent.
    What I'm hoping is that some - or all of you, are going to make GREAT content that you are going to share with a MASSIVE fan base, and some of those people will click...
    So make something great with your Mii App!

    There's also a Facebook page - Mii App. If you want to share stuff with me, do it there - good and bad. Maybe share some of the uses you put Mii App to....

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