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    Pip-Boy Watchface [+Bonus]

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    To use this app, follow this instructions:
    - Install Watchmaker app (actually you need the premium version :( )
    - Install this app
    - Open Watchmaker and tap on the tab to the right
    - The watchfaces will appear automatically!

    This pack contains 2 main watchfaces + 4 bonus watchfaces. Check the details below!

    - Pip-Boy Lone Wanderer Edition: directly from vault 101, this mk3 version is fast, doesn't drain your battery and provides a lot of informations, plus some extra features and animations.
    - Pip-Boy Sole Survivor Edition: the mk4, the latest version available. It provides a unique experience and offers animation, smoothness, personalization options and more (* Geiger counter not included).

    This app also includes 2 battery friendly versions of the Watchface, without touch actions, an experimental Ultimate version and an exclusive analog clock to celebrate the 10000 downloads!

    - Pip-Boy Ultimate: an experimental version which embeds the mk3 and the mk4. It could be unstable and drain your battery!
    - Pip-Boy 3000s mk3: inspired to Fallout 3 / New Vegas style, this watchface is open and fully customizable in colors and details! Only some core features from the main watchface are included.
    - Pip-Boy 3000s mk4: inspired to Fallout 4 style, this watchface is open and you can set every color you want! It includes the "please stand by" ambient screen! Only some core features from the main watchface are included.
    - Vault Boy Analog: simple yet stilish, this analog watchface is from Tranquillity Lane!

    Thanks to a script, this watchfaces offer:

    - Selectable color
    - Calculator
    - Weather forecast
    - Compass
    - Alarm
    - Stopwatch
    - Date and hour
    - Analog clock
    - Steps count
    - Hearthrate (if supported)
    - Device informations
    - Location
    - Optimized dim mode
    - Bonus screen
    - Customization options!
    - Much more!


    Other questions? Feel free to send me an email!

    Q - OMG my battery drains so fast!!!1!
    A - Sometimes those drains are caused by Watchmaker. I can't fix it, so downrating me because of this is just dumb. This problem is partially fixed with the latest Android Wear updates! :)

    Q - I downloaded this app and i can't find it! Illuminati!
    A - As written in the description, this is a skin for Watchmaker and needs it to be used!

    Q - But you need Watchmaker Premium to use it! It's a shame!
    A - I fully agree with you about this. I wrote to the developer, but this situation won't change at the moment.

    Q - I have a black screen / crash / time is stuck / my watch exploded
    A - Watchmaker fault, sorry.

    Q - Can you add [put the feature here]?
    A - Of course i can, but the priority is given to the 5 stars reviews!

    Q - How do i change Celsius to Fahrenheit and 24 to 12 hours format?
    A - You can do it from Watchmaker settings! Just go in Settings -> Weather -> Temperature Unit or Settings -> Time -> Override 12/24 Hours!

    Q - The alarm in the Ultimate version didn't work! I missed the train!
    A - The alarm function works only in ambient or screen on mode, i'm sorry for your train.

    Q - Please do a standalone version of this watchface!
    A - I'm trying to do it, but it requires a lot of time and efforts and i can't reach the result you see now! I'll do my best though, i promise.

    Q - Your watchface cannot be modified? why did you do that?
    A - I'm an open source lover, but i put a lot of time and efforts in this watchface. If you need the editable version, send me an e-mail explaining why!

    The price is little but the support is guaranteed!

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