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    Mind Warrior app is the missing link in empowering you to finally make the changes you want in your life that can seem frustratingly slow or even impossible. Mind Warrior works because it is based on years of tested therapeutic approaches and on recent findings in neuroscience, pointing to what creates real lasting behavioral change:
    1. Neuroplasticity – the opening of new neural pathways in the brain that lead to
    gradual shifts in responses and reactions
    2) Daily focus paid to internal processes, particularly “triggers”

    Triggers are the key. Triggers in our daily lives cause split-second reactions from subconscious “hard-wiring” which drive our thoughts and actions. Once you start paying attention to them, you’ll be amazed at how much is going in your own mind that you’re not aware of! Unless we become attuned to those powerful triggers and learn how to effectively “rewire” the reaction, the default wiring wins out. Mind Warrior can help you to:
    - Tune in to and understand triggered reactions
    - Learn how to have more empowered responses to triggers - to positively engage the rewiring process and increase neuroplasticity

    Targets for Change:
    - Patterns of moods, thinking, and behavior
    - Trauma (PTSD) effects and flashbacks
    - Addictive Behaviors
    - Relationship triggers
    - Undesired Habits

    - Trigger Awareness Guide for awareness and inner connection
    - Take Action Guide to empower new responses
    - Daily Focus Guide with short audio visualizations and focus points to set up your day
    - Lifestyle Goal Plans to integrate overall health and well being
    - Weekly Reviews to track progress and encourage success
    - History Archive to track the record of your progress
    - Email Option to allow sharing of input with a therapist, sponsor, partner, friend

    If You Are Working with A Therapist, Group, or Sponsor:
    - Track daily awareness and progress of goals you are working on with a therapist, group, or sponsor. This can include between session homework.
    - Use the email option to send input directly to your therapist, sponsor, partner, or friend.
    - Email input to your therapist to aid in goal setting, and provide an automatic record of the measurement of your progress.

    Audio Narration by Tom Dheere

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