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    Mindset app for Android is a Positive Mindset app. Mindset will help with improved focus, mindful awareness, reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

    Greater control over your emotions
    Ability to choose your response
    Increased sense of perspective and a greater self awareness
    A reminder to SMILE MORE often
    Enjoy better relationships with you friends and family

    Train your subconscious to become a more proactive positive person and see what amazing changes happen with Mindset app for Android. Based on Law of Attraction LOA teachings. What you visualize you can materialize. And what you want wants you.

    - Motivational Quotes App Android Version
    - Inspirational Quotes App Android Version
    - Positive Affirmations App Android Version
    - Smile More with our Smiley Activity Android Version
    - Positive Word Combos Android Version
    - Positive Teaching App Android Version
    - Positive Affirmation App Android Version
    - Add your own customized Teachings and Quotes and store them all in one place
    - Assess your progress with the Mindset Life review and schedule regular reminders to check on your progress.

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    A perfect way to invite positivity into your life and cultivate a winning attitude based on ‘Law of Attraction’ principles.

    Mindset will help you to create an abundance mentality to attract the things you want from life. It is important to have an abundance mentality as this is a key principle of the Law of Attraction.

    Within the app there is a list of positive affirmations to help you to remain focused and confident through daily recitals.

    This innovative app delivers positive messages directly to the home screen of your smartphone. The message come in the form of Quotes, Law of Attraction Teachings, 3 word Motivational Combos, Daily Positive Affirmations, Drills and Smileys. The first in a series of apps to help you manifest the abundant lifestyle you truly desire.

    The unique programming of this app is designed to allow the Law of Attraction to work its magic. When life gets too hectic and you’re called away to a busy meeting for example, events are skipped rather than just allowed to back up. This means that from day to day the pattern of events will alter and not necessarily be the same for any one individual.

    The app also includes a Mindset Life review which is an easy way to quickly assess how you feel about life in the present moment. Results are stored to enable you to compare your results and see your progress over time.

    Start to create your abundance mentality today and get started on your daily positive affirmations and motivational quotes and teaching to live a happier life and become even more fulfilled.

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    John Hay

    by John Hay

    May 07, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    Big Law of Attraction enthusiast. Well made and like the Mindset review to. Love being able to collect my quotes in one place as well as writing my own affirmations. A+

    Aki Alexander

    by Aki Alexander

    May 07, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    Thank you for this app!!! Great way to uplift your spirits and focus on positive thinking!!