Mirror LockScreen




    * Please launch the app once at the first time. Otherwise the lock screen will not be launch correctly *

    This app is designed for the beautiful women who sincerely care about their beauty.

    Some of my female friends regularly do following steps to check their appearance.

    1. Turn the device on.
    2. Unlock the lock screen.
    3. Launch mirror application.
    4. Check her beautiful(?) face.
    5. Finish the application.
    6. Turn the device off.

    I found that they check their faces every 10 ~ 20 minutes repeating irritating above 6 steps.

    Mirror is very very important thing for women. I know :)

    Therefore, I made this mirror lock screen which shows the mirror just after you turn on the device.
    The complicated above 6 steps are shrunken into following 3 steps.

    1. Turn the device on.
    2. Check the beautiful face.
    3. Turn the device off.

    This application will be very convenient tools for those who check mirror frequently.
    You can remove the original lock screen via setting.

    For those who do not check their appearance regularly but sometimes, you can disable lock screen mode through setting.
    You can use this application as a normal mirror application.

    If you find something inconvenient or error, please report me.
    I will check them and modify the application as soon as possible.

    Hope you preserve your beautiful face forever.

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