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    Losing weight may be one of the hardest things to do, but mobiefit WALK makes taking that first step easier. Built specifically for people who want to lose weight, protect their heart, beat diabetes and recover from injuries. Whatever your fitness goal, take that first step with mobiefit WALK.

    Our unique scientific training program makes it easy to meet fitness goals such as managing diabetes, healthy weight loss, recovering from injuries or surgery, improving your heart’s health, or competing in walkathons!

    Count steps with ease
    Love seeing how many steps you took in the day? mobiefit WALK can now count that automatically thanks to background step tracking, and this is added it to the monthly mobiefit WALK challenges.

    Built by experts
    This walking app has been made in India, in collaboration with renowned physiotherapists and sports scientists. It follows the well-recommended 6-days a week approach of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) which is great for heart patients.

    Weight loss guide
    Don’t have the stamina to hit the gym or go for a run? Burn plenty of calories by walking every day - a brisk walk is just as good as a jog when it comes to losing weight and torching those pesky calories.

    Recover from injuries
    Returning to full fitness after an injury is especially difficult. That’s why the low-intensity walking program makes it easy to bounce back to your fittest self after a break - whether it is due to injury or illness.

    Fights against diabetes
    Walking is one of the most effective ways of keeping diabetes at bay, and it also is the prescribed workout for those suffering from this disease. Walking helps beat obesity by slowly making you more and more active, and getting rid of that lazy feeling.

    Meets your fitness needs
    Choose from three difficulty levels: from the least strenuous Light to the slightly intense Moderate and to the Advanced program meant for those who are already active.

    Healthy and happy heart
    Those who walk just 20 minutes every day have been shown to have a healthier heart at an older age. Walking improves the condition of the muscles and provides better blood flow to your organs.

    Walk to win prizes
    Not only does mobiefit WALK help you burn calories on your daily walks and boost your fitness, you stand a chance to win awesome Amazon vouchers and more in monthly challenges.

    Track your progress
    Keep an eye on your progress with each passing day and stay on course for your daily step goals thanks to the in-built pedometer or step counter. Track & analyze total steps walked, distance covered, calories burnt, and duration of your walks.

    Your walking coach
    Get timely updates, stay motivated and learn to walk with the right posture with voice instructions in Hindi and English. Our in-app coaches will take you through each session, and guide you on ideal regular and brisk walking speeds.

    Walking regularly is the key to maintaining a healthy weight, and also helps you manage and prevent heart conditions, high blood pressure, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Keep yourself active, fit and ready for any daily tasks - great for senior citizens who seek to improve blood circulation and muscle coordination.

    Walking not only helps you get physically fit, but improves your mood and is known to make you calm in a manner similar to meditation. Take a walk into the simplest and most effective way to start your fitness journey.

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