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    Mobile Data - Monitor Usage, Compress, and Save!

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    Tired of getting charged for extra data, from apps you aren't even using? Mobile Data Usage is an incredibly easy-to-use, yet powerful, way to stay on top of your phone bill and improve your overall device and personal wellness!

    Compress your internet traffic

    On top of displaying which apps are using your data in the background, our app has the ability to use advanced data compression techniques to actually save you data and money, across the websites that you use every day! In some cases, our users have seen a decrease of up to 40% across some of their favorite websites. Mobile Data Usage saves you time and money without you having to worry about a thing - everything is automatic!

    Block apps from using your data

    Have an app that doesn't need to use data, sends your location to their servers, or is snooping on how you use your phone? Protect your privacy and prevent data overages by blocking that app's internet connection. With Mobile Data Usage, it is as easy as flipping a switch.

    Select and block as many - or as few - apps as you like, then watch your phone bill shrink!

    Track apps abusing your data

    With Mobile Data Usage, you can find out which apps are eating up your mobile data and prevent overage charges before they happen.

    View easy-to-understand graphs and charts about your usage and track the apps that are running in the background, using data without you even knowing it!

    Make the most of your mobile data plan with Mobile Data Usage—it’s completely free and always will be.

    Secure your connection

    On top of the headline compression support that our VPN offers, it can also help protect your online presence! It encrypts all traffic coming out of your device to provide you with the greatest protection possible.

    • Prevent tracking
    • Provide push notifications when an app tries accessing a known malicious site
    • Encrypted internet traffic

    Powerful features

    • Turn on our data compression VPN to compress your traffic to save your mobile data!
    • Completely block apps that you NEVER want to use your data!
    • Notification alerts before you hit your data limit — never be surprised by overage charges again!
    • Set up daily data limits so you know how much you have used throughout the day - just another way to prevent overage charges!
    • Compress your internet traffic using our VPN! This brand new feature gives you faster and CHEAPER internet!
    • Easily identify your device’s most data-hungry apps
    • Visualize your data use with beautiful charts and graphs
    • See how your usage stacks up against your friends
    • Monitor both mobile and Wifi data usage
    • Super-simple setup and friendly support

    What our users are saying

    “Very useful and extremely intuitive design. [Mobile Data Usage] helps me understand data usage per app and saves money.”

    “I have never seen an app that gives you information as clear as this. Fantastic!”

    “This is an essential app for everyone … just keeps getting better and better.”

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