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    ★★ Key Features ★★
    - Mobile Security Face Lock is the most powerful tool to secure your mobile/tablet device from theft.
    - You can set powerful locks like your face, your signature, security password, etc. as device lock.
    - You can control your device remotely also from your alternate number registered in this application.
    - This great security app is the cheapest one in market and available on this price for LIMITED PERIOD.

    ★★ This application gives many answers if your device is stolen, like.. ★★
    1) Who is around your device? App will send you snaps from your device in background so theft will not be aware about it.
    2) Where is your device now? App will send you current location of your device and you can set frequency also like you want device location every 10 mins then app does it for you.
    3) You want to hear what's happening around your device? Ask application to call you and you can pick up phone listen what's happening around your device.
    4) You forgot where you put your device? Don't worry. Ask application to play alarm in full voice although phone is on silent mode.
    5) Do you think that theft knows your signature? If yes then don't worry. Change your lock to your face lock or security password lock by sending SMS command to your device and device will locked automatically with new lock.
    6) Do you think that theft knows your security password? Don't worry. You can change your security password also by sending SMS command to your device.

    ★★ You can find all SMS commands what to send and how to send in application HELP screen. Here are some detail also. ★★

    1) setlock "number": Send this command to change lock of your device. 0 = No Lock, 1 = Face Lock, 2 = Signature Lock, 3 = Password Lock. Also note that if you have registered your face in device then & then you can set this lock remotely otherwise previous lock will remain as it was. Same for signature and password also. So remember to register all locks which you can change anytime from application settings screen. (i.e. setlock 2)
    2) reset "new_password": Send this command with 4 characters numeric password only to change password of your device lock. (i.e. reset 1234)
    3) locknow: Send this command to lock your device immediately with current lock which is set in device already.
    4) call: Send this command and your device will call back to you automatically from background so you can listen what is happening around to your device. It will help to track your device also to police.
    5) alarm: Send this command and device will play alarm so you can find your device if lost around you.
    6) location: Send this command to get Email or SMS of your device location.
    7) location "time_interval": Send this command to get Email or SMS of your device location on each interval (in minutes) for 10 iterations only means let's say if you send SMS "location 5" to your device then that device will send you location every 5 minutes automatically for 10 times. Then if you need location again then you have to send SMS again.
    8) capture: Send this command to get pictures around your device. Means device will capture image from back camera and will email you from background so thief will not be aware about it.
    9) showalert "Your_message": Send this command to show message on your device whatever you want to send to that unknown person who stole your device. (i.e. showalert I'm watching you)

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