Experience fun and easy ways of reading eBooks with MOCO, a social reading application. Browse many books with various genres and read your favorite books on your smartphones, laptops, and even offline reading in your PCs from wherever you are. Feel free to download and read many books, organize your own library, tag your favorite quotes and share to your friends. With MOCO, you can be the trendsetter by send recommendation of your current books to your friends.

    Enjoy the experience of reading socially with MOCO.

    Features - eBook reader - Discover new books and explore popular book lists

    - Buy Books, Rent Books, or Borrow Books - Don’t find your books? Make a wish list! - Rate and review any books in our catalogue. - Quote line and take notes from books you read. - Access to ePustaka

    Disclaimer: MOCO is now on commercial version and much more powerful than previous version. We are continuing developing and making better improvement to satisfy reading experience. Comments, critics, feedbacks and testimonials after using MOCO through our feedback forms are highly appreciated. Don’t worry, we’ll take it.

    WHAT’S NEW? Good news! We’re on Commercial Version and even BETTER with the news: all users will get complimentary deposit IDR 2,000 to buy and rent our books!

    New Features:

    - Payment gateway

    - Real-time chat

    - Coach marks to help you explore MOCO easily

    - Memo

    - Signing up with your Facebook Account. - Choose your eReader theme while reading. Choose Day, Sephia, or Night.

    - Adjust font size and space as you like. - Not just creating a review from a book. You can like a review, comment on it, and delete your own review.

    - Powerful and helpful dashboard features:

    * Library: Browse many book collections. Type the keyword, once you find the match one, put in on your shelf

    * Shelf: This feature allows you to keep an eye on your current reading book, your wish list and track all your books

    * Feeds: Feeds wont let you loose the news and makes you stay up to date of what your friends activities

    * Note: Don’t loose your bright idea! Just write it down and manage with this NOTE feature.

    * Show your appealing avatar to the world

    * Notification: You wont loose any recent activities with lifetime notification

    * Points: Manage your credit to buy or rent books

    * Status: Who are you now? Do more activities to raise a higher level

    * Book to Finish: List of your book and remain time to finish

    * Following/Followers: Following your friends and creating new followers

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